Image of "みぱぱ (Mipapa)"
Song title
  • "みぱぱ"
  • Romaji: Mipapa
Uploaded September 3, 2015, with 420+ Niconico views 4,900+ YouTube views 800+ SoundCloud views
  • AdyS (music, lyrics)


Who needs english anyway

I always wanted to have some kind of talk synth to make a song with, at first i was thinking of getting a voiceroid but I ended up getting cevio instead. I love the cevio interface so much, the functionality and workflow is so much better than vocaloid editor like seriously. I wanted to get only her talk voicebank but then I thought maybe I should buy the singing voicebank too because she's just so cheap and also there was a discount too so why not.

SO about this song... well you see I dont know japanese but I really like her voice and I really want to make song with her so yea I tried to come up with something that doesnt require me to understand japanese but still kinda japanese so yea

btw satou sasara is just so cute i love her so much omg

— AdyS

Mipapa is AdyS' first, and to date only released song featuring Sato Sasara. The lyrics are made-up words.


mima shipapa namu namu na~a~a

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