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What is CeVIO?

CeVIO Creative Studio and its succeeding versions are voice synthesizing applications developed by the CeVIO Project team that have been sold commercially since 2013. CeVIO's sister brand VoiSona was released commercially in 2022 by Techno-Speech, Inc..

Currently, the voicebanks available are primarily developed for the Japanese language, in the form of Talk Voice libraries for speech synthesis and Song Voice libraries for singing synthesis, with only IA, Tsurumaki Maki, and Chis-A available in the English language.

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July 20 (UTC)

  • Hello, given the change to UCP the wiki will need to go through some minor changes. It will take me quite some time as I am busy with other wikis facing the same situation. As always please contact me when needed.
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2020 November 25

  • Pages for flower and Yuzuki Yukari have been created. Content credited to VOCALOID Wiki.
    • IA's page is also updated to reflect the upcoming engine, CeVIO AI.
2020 February 25‎
  • CeVIO character articles have updated layouts.
    • Voicebank articles have been touched-up.
  • Minor edits to categories and navigation boxes.
  • Export of song articles and images have been imported to CeVIO Lyrics Wiki and deleted (sans demonstrative songs).
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Wiki announcements

  • Ongoing task for the wiki include:
    • Adding more content about the characters.
    • Working on demonstration table template.
    • Adding more demonstrative songs. The Song_box_2 and Derivative template have been updated.
    • Adding more content about companies.
    • Reworking the listings for: original songs, voice providers, and artist.
    • Finish community Help: guides.

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Takahashi is a text-to-speech voicebank only.