Welcome to the CeVIO policy page! This page hosts a list of guidelines that would be appreciated if followed.

General rulesEdit

What CeVIO is not

  • No Advertising of personal pages, websites, Wikis, etc. However, CeVIO-related websites and media are the exception.
  • No Advertising completely off-topic content.
  • No Uploads of personal images and music videos.

General policies

  • No Spam or Vandalism. Either of these will not be tolerated.
  • No Moving of pages without say; the exceptions are to correct a page name or done by decision of an Administrator.
  • No Plagiarism Of Wikipedia Or Other Site's Articles/Pages without permission or at least citing; please credit the original source by some means.

Prohibited actions

  • No Bullying or Harassment.
  • No Insulting Other Peoples' Race, Religion, Nation, Color, Or Gender.
  • No Offensive content, Inappropriate images, Explicit words and Disturbing content.
  • No Creating accounts For nefarious purposes aka. inappropriate names or a Sockpuppets account.
  • No Using this wiki to bypass Frontier Works, Inc.‎'s ' Terms of Service'.

Discussion policyEdit

Discussion is an important part of any wiki.

  • Yes To using talk pages, forums, and blogs to site any improvements or significant variations to the page.
  • Yes Credit your comments using four tildes (~~~~).
  • Yes A == Descriptive header == for new topics of discussion is appreciated.
  • No Altering another users words unless deemed inappropriate by Wikia standards.

User pageEdit

A User page is a profile of your user account.

  • Yes A user page can be a personal content house.
  • No Editing of another users page unless deemed inappropriate by Wikia standards.
  • No Using the page to harass other members of Wikia.
  • No Uploads of personal images and music videos.

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