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  • "deity ←deserting→"
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  • ギャル子P (music, lyrics, illust)


deity ←deserting→ is a song made for IA's birthday in 2019.


God wants a world without just nothing
Nobody knows whether it is life or death
It may become a world of nihilism
However, I would like to survive if I'm with ou
If it is a blessing I will accept it
I want to embrace you when my life runs out
God overlooks me drowning in the wave of pleasure
I am scared to get punishment

An old woman in a certain town
laughed a garbage tears falling in the trash box laughed
Today i saw a hawk flying high
in the sky even though it was rainy
An old woman in a certain tomorrow laughed
when there was a pitfall in the park that no one was in
It's a funny story that makes me smile,
but it's true. Except that the old woman is not laughing

The second hand whose needle stopped
started moving again towards the end of the world
The peppermint doll whose walnut
is not broken is just a garbage
If only you do not do anything,
the world will look like this Happo Tribe
One person and one person and
one after another broke the people of the world

There is nothing here
Only the soul
There is only me.
This is emptiness
You are the explorer who unravels the secrets
of the world but you are absolutely not me,
Because I am a liar

Because it is a criminal who escapes from God,
I do not know anything about the world
Truth and a lie
Are you doing fine I am not already
in this world but I will mail a letter
I do not need a reply
Because your life is already mine
God is me and the criminal
you may have been in opposite position
How will you live the world
that has become coexistent?