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IA (イア) is a Japanese CeVIO Creative Studio voicebank by 1st PLACE Co., Ltd.. She is capable of both speaking and singing. In July 2020, another voicebank was confirmed to be in the works for CeVIO's new engine CeVIO AI.[1][2]

Her voice provider is Lia.


IA is the first vocal in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.[3]

The design philosophy 1st PLACE worked toward was to make the voice simple and straightforward but easy to adjust and customize, letting creators create their own version of IA.[4]

IA has little background, however she and ONE were given some background information for the ARIA - IA Musical & Live Show – performances. In a series of YouTube videos dubbed ARIA STATION, IA and ONE introduced their home-world known as Planet ARIA. Planet ARIA is described as a world similar to Earth with various life forms that resonate and co-exist together, several of whom raised IA & ONE. Four inhabitants of the planet were introduced and their relations to IA and ONE were revealed:

  • A gray, multicolored cat named “チコー” (also known as “Neko-san” or simply as “cat”) is one of the spirits that exists on ARIA. She acts as a mother and has been with IA & ONE all of their lives and came to Earth with ONE. She is described as being a very sweet cat that watches over IA & ONE. [5].
  • The second member revealed is a large elder tree named “Chōrō” (“長老”, meaning elder) or "Choro no ki”, (長老抜き,meaning the eldest tree.). Chōrō is described to be one of the oldest spirits on Planet ARIA and acts as a “grandfather” figure to IA and ONE. He is very knowledgeable about ARIA and is connected to everything on the planet. He was described to have taught IA and ONE all that they know. [6]
  • The third member revealed was a purple, bipedal cheetah named “チート” (also known as “Cheet”) [7]. Cheet acts as IA and ONE’s dance teacher. She is described as being stern and is able to move very quick. [8]
  • The last member introduced in the series is a large white phoenix named “フェニックス”(also known as “Phoenix” or simply known as “Nix”[9]). He acts as a singing teacher and voice trainer for IA and ONE. It was revealed that he learned how to transform into a human form from Chōrō.[10]

During the IA 9th & ONE 6th Anniversary ‒Super LIVESHOW- on January 27th, 2021, three additional characters were unveiled, one of whom bares the name "H" on their nametag and the other two being an anthropomorphic lion and a reindeer-like creature. Their relationship to IA (and ONE) is unknown, however they were announced to be “ARIA” members.[11]


"IA" is taken from her voice provider's name, "Lia".

There are at least two ways to read her projects name of "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -":

  • The words "Aria" and "Planetes" are Latin and Greek for "open space" and "planet" respectively, giving the translation of "Open Space on the Planet".
  • "Aria", is also the Italian word for "air" and is used as a term in opera for expressive pieces, usually sung by a single singer. This also fits in with her more opera-esque vocal results compared to other released Japanese VOCALOIDs.

When she was first released, overseas fans often mistook "Aria" as the name of the VOCALOID.


Her design was illustrated by Aka Akasaka (D. Z.), while the design direction was by Maxilla Inc.[12] It was decided that they would go for soft colours instead of vivid ones. At the time, there was skepticism towards avoiding vivid colours as there was a fear of her not selling because of the softer tones. Lia herself wanted her to be cute and pretty and was satisfied the first time she was shown the artwork.[13]

Despite the myth of IA's age being 15, she has had no age assigned to her. This myth seems to originate from a section underneath the paragraph on IA about her provider Lia, wherein one of the first things mentioned was that Lia debuted in America at 15 years old.

In IA 6th and ONE 3rd anniversary special talk live it was revealed that IA is 155 cm tall.


  • IA - the VOCALOID3 vocal by 1st PLACE along with IA ROCKS.
  • ONE - is a vocal created for CeVIO able to speak as well as sing. She is the second installment in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.
  • HIPPI - an original character by 1st PLACE Co., Ltd. and the third installment in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.



Much like her VOCALOID counterpart, IA's CeVIO release has been promoted through live events, the official YouTube Channel of the company, sponsored albums, and merchandise along her fellow vocal, ONE.


The IA vocal was originally intended to give a vocal based on the clear and crisp vocal of Lia. It is operatic in nature and noted for its large voice range and tempo range, both being the largest at its time of release. This allowed the voicebank to cover a wide range of roles and music genres.

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