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ONE Product | Originals

This article is about the CeVIO Creative Studio software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the CeVIO character then click here.

Product InformationEdit


Speaking test & Original song

01 ナレーション1 [Narēshon1 (Narration 1)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
02 ナレーション2 [Narēshon2 (Narration 2)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
03 ナレーション3 [Narēshon3 (Narration 3)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
04 ポエトリーリーディング [Poetorīrīdingu (Poetry Reading)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
05 ラップ [Rappu (Rap)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
06 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 1 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 1 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 1)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
07 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 2 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 2 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 2)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
08 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 3 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 3 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 3)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
09 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 4 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 4 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 4)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
10 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 5 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 5 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 5)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
11 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 6 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 6 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 6)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
12 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 7 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 7 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 7)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
13 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 8 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 8 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 8)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
14 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 9 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 9 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 9)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
15 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 10 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 10 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 10)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
春風散歩/ゴボウメン YouTube
遅いよ王子様! YouTube

System RequirementsEdit

  • Supported OS:

Windows 8.1 Japanese version (32 / 64bit)
Windows 8 Japanese version (32 / 64bit)
Windows 7 Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP1)
Windows Vista Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP2)

  • Memory: 2GB or more ※ or more recommended 4GB.
  • HDD: 200MB or more of free space (for installation) ※ recommended 1GB or more of free space.
  • Display: 1280 x 720 or more full-color
  • Other: requires Windows compatible sound device to audio playback.
For activation and updates, must have an Internet connection environment.
1 can be used on a single PC per license.
※ The commercial use of this product and synthetic speech might additional license is required.


Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Optimum Range: Unannounced  Optimum Tempo: Unannounced
Package details as noted:

Released January 27, 2015 by 1st PLACE this voicebank's stable release is CeVIO Creative Studio S.

  • On May 22, 2015 the vocal voicebank was released.
  • It operates on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and higher (Japanese PC only)
  • The purpose is Text to Speech and also Vocalizing and Singing.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • These voicebanks were recorded for the Japanese language.
Software issues as noted:
  • Work in Progress
Voicebank sample


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