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  • "Sailing North"
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  • armusp (music, lyrics)


An original gothic metal song.

CeVIO IA ENGLISH C is singing this song well in English.

Sailing North is an original song by armusp featuring IA English. It's armusp's first song featuring IA English.


We see the town we get used to living
from this higher place day after day
We must leave here almost all the things, all of us
Now the time to take the only way

The darkness power separates our lives
We can’t find orderly life anymore
But can’t give it up now let it go, let’s get out
for the others still remaining there

Sailing north
to the unseen land of dreams
hearing voices of following winds
feeling messages of shining stars

Waiting for
new life we will start someday
Never get back to the place
where the darkness growing on

Other ships faded away anywhere
No winds takes us to nowhere today
The god will lead us to the silent land, peaceful place
changing our dream into real one

Sailing north
to get all the things we had
to find everything we want
in the land we’ve never seen

Waiting for
the time we will be in peace
It’ll come in the near future
There will be a few miles away